Calibration Center

Training Service of Calibration Center

Turkish State Meteorological Service is the VI. Region Regional Training Center of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and has hosted many national and international training sessions. As the Calibration Center, trainings are organized on demand basis in the field of calibration. Until now, many training programs have been organized in the field of calibration, nationally and internationally, and they continue to be organized periodically. The meteorological organizations of WMO, ECO member countries and Turkic republics countries participated in the organized international trainings.

Trainings that we have organized internationally in the field of calibration:

  • I. International Training Course on "Basics of Calibration", 12-14 September 2011
  • II. International Training Course on "Basics of Calibration", 30 September – 04 October 2013
  • III. International Training Course on "Basics of Calibration", 03-07 October 2016

Eğitim Konuları

  •  Pyranometer Calibration
  •  Uncertainty of Pyranometer Calibration
  •  Rain Gages Calibration
  •  Uncertainty of Rain Gages Calibration
  •  Electrical Calibration
  •  Uncertainty of Electrical Calibration
  •  Humidity Calibration
  •  Uncertainty of Humidity Calibration
  •  Temperature Calibration
  •  Uncertainty of Temperature Calibration
  •  Pressure Calibration
  •  Uncertainty of Pressure Calibration
  •  Wind Speed Calibration
  •  Uncertainty of Wind Speed Calibration
  •  Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty
  •  General Metrology

Training Demand

For your training demands, please, fill the "TSMS Training Demand Form" and send it an e-mail to or fax to the contact fax number. Date and location of training will be determined with mutual agreement.